(Online) Moon Lab // Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

about this event

Everything within and around us is cyclical and the Moon is the magical celestial body who can teach us so much about the constant change and spiralling patterns in this Universe we live (and love) in.

Moon Lab is a “modern ritual” – a weekly check-in with oneself, each other and the energies at play. Since ancient times, human beings have searched for a meaning behind inner and outer happenings. They lived by the moon and the sun. They used stars as their guides. There is nothing voodoo about this – our world being affected by the gravity of these celestial bodies is a scientific fact. But there’s something more – they also give us the story that helps us to live life from the place of understanding, acceptance and alignment.

If you feel called to understand the lunar waves through an embodied and practical online class, join us. It’s not about perfection, but process.

Aquarius Moon helps us to rise above. Spread our wings and soar higher to see the bigger picture. Become a witness of our emotions, so we can become more objective and see all sides of the story. Waning, last quarter moon is the one of release, marking the time when we are called to go within, into the silent spaciousness. We can detach and rest and understand that we can access peace and create from that place – and emerge stronger with the new moon.

  • This class is donation-based, pay as you can.
  • The class will take place via Zoom and will be recorded and sent to the ones who can’t join live after the class.
  • The reminder with the Zoom link will be sent out to everyone 24h before the class.
  • If you’d like to attend Moon Labs regularly, I invite you to join the Lab Membership, where you can attend all weekly Moon Labs as part of the offering.