ONLINE – Feminine Activation

about this event

This is a special and unique 2 hours session where you can experience the activation of your Kundalini energy through Kundalini Activation Process (KAP), and the ecstatic embodiment of kundalini energy, moving through Kundalini Dance, all to awaken your divine feminine energy. To enable you to connect to your true essence and step into your soft power.

This is an opportunity to be guided to move with your feminine essence into free movement with Kundalini Dance. This is where your divine feminine energy will become alive, and you will be able to embody that energy in every cell of your being. Where you can move, flow, express, in any way that your true essence would like to be expressed. After an integration break and sharing circle, you will receive the KAP transmission, which both activates your life force energy and allows for non dual states of consciousness, or oneness.

This is both a coming home to yourself, and a discovery of what more there is inside you that has yet to be awakened…

Whether you intend to join the retreat or not, we still invite you to this powerfully healing and transformative workshop.