No Time for Worry – online TSD Mindfulness 3 week series

about this event

We often replay our past or worry about the future, but what does that steal from us in present time?  If you’d like to investigate how thinking about the past and the future are exhausting your energy now  or simply have tools to change these thought patterns, try this class.  Through 3 one hour classes, we will uncover where we are spending our time in the past (rumination about what’s happened) or the future (worry about what’s to come) to free up our time, mind, and heart for what we want more of in this life.  We will use the basics of TSD Mindfulness in Taming the mind, Soothing the gut, and Dwelling in the heart.  TSD can help you overcome stress about work or family, decrease feelings of overwhelm, address feelings of fear, or identify feelings about worthiness.  Taming the mind, soothing the gut, and dwelling in the heart is an opportunity to find clarity and experience more fulfillment and joy.  The class will be held weekly on zoom on Wednesdays (9/13, 9/20, 9/27) from 6:30-7:30 mountain time and will include instruction about TSD mindfulness, handouts for further study if desired, sharing experiences with classmates, and meditation.