New Moon Hairemony

about this event

Join us for the New Moon in Scorpio on Oct. 26th and meet Stefani Padilla, founder of La Tierra Sagrada

Stefani will share her story, the creation of the line and why she believes in the power of rituals to heal and nurture.

Essentially, Hairemony means taking time out from our busy schedules and the daily noise around us to create a dedicated space to care for both our hair and our general well-being. More specifically, it means an intimate educational session with Stefani where you will learn ways to tune in, slow down, and achieve optimal hair health.

Stefani will guide you through your own intentional hair ritual to nourish and hydrate your scalp and hair, using her healing Hair Treatment.

Event is FREE

Come prepared to douse your crown in oil and enjoy indulging in a healing Hairemony!