about this event

In the shadow of June’s New Moon in Gemini, experience a powerful combination of
restorative sound vibrations and intentioned connection to crystal

We’ll begin the evening in meditation with the healing mineral Fluorite (with your own beautiful palm stone you will select and keep). Following a guided journey, a flowing
orchestration of sounds will carry you into a state of grounded
relaxation and expanded consciousness.

Radiating clarity and stability, Fluorite is a cosmic cleanser that will
awaken your intuition, organize your thoughts, and refresh your energy. Fluorite is a gentle friend that sings
harmony and light into your being by helping you translate inspiration
into action. It’s a shape-shifting wonder that aligns with your needs to
lift you up, or ground you as needed. With Fluorite by your side you
can attune to the energies of a higher, astral consciousness and
reprogram your emotional DNA.

In a sound bath, harmonies and overtones of crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramid, shruti, tuning forks, chimes, gong, and more – create a bath of healing frequencies that reset and recharge your body and spirit. These soothing acoustic vibrations support your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing; aromatherapy with handmade essential oil + crystal essence mists will assist in the flow of energy.

Together we will melt into a vibration of expanded consciousness, and emerge feeling well-rested and fully supported. We’ll meet under the spacious skylights of Grand Street Healing
Project. Dress comfortably and bring water; we provide mats, blankets,
and eye pillows.

About Kristen

Kristen Sonntag is a Reiki Master and musician and host of monthly soundbaths and Community Reiki at Grand Street Healing Project.
Her line of crystal essence and aromatherapy mists, SPIRIT WORK, is a
tool to assist in healing work, meditation, and the creative process.
Kristen’s psychic abilities were activated as a child when she received
her introduction to crystal healing, Tarot, past life memories, and
communication with spirit. The spiritual gateway reopened to her as an
adult following a near-death experience after the birth of her son. Kristen’s work is
informed by the traditions of Hermeticism, Tibetan Buddhist philosophy,
and matrilineal folk magic. Kristen is also an Emmy-nominated television
producer and holds a BA in Psychology and Art from the University of
Virginia. Her vision encompasses integrating past life experiences and
ancestral trauma, and fostering compassion and inclusivity through