New Moon Celebration

about this event


We gather in sacred land and connect with the raw energies of nature to celebrate the New Moon in Gemini. Surrounded by ancient growth trees, towering boulders, wildlife, ponds and the endless beauty of the desert sky and the power of the new moon.

2:00pm We begin with pool and sauna time! Arrive ready to relax, rejuvenate, connect and have fun in a boulder wood-burning sauna complete with eucalyptus oil, and cold plunge to activate the senses.

5:00pm After the sauna throw on some warm comfy clothes (or costumes) Enjoy delicious bites (vegan and vegetarian options by Dez Fine food.

6:30pm We’ll gather at the yoga deck for an intentional Sunset New Moon Meditation and Soundbath. We begin with a meditation intended to shift us into a lighter way of thinking and communicating as we work through the Mercury Retrograde energy with protection. The stars ask us to SLOW DOWN. We’ll dive into a deep energy-clearing soundbath, which begins with a didgeridoo and drumming session. The soundbath takes you through a journey complete with crystal singing bowls, gong, chimes, shruti meant to heighten deep relaxation and an authentic connection with the land.

8:00pm Silent disco time! We’ll have on deck headphones. Option to dance the night away, enjoy time on the stargazing deck complete with mats, pillows, blankets, portable heaters with breathtaking skies. In this particular location, the boulders act as a giant bowl extinguishing all neighboring light pollution, offering world-class stargazing and uninterrupted views of the Milky Way. Or feel free to wander around and immerse yourself in the beauty of the land. 

8:00pm – 12:00am Stargazing on the boulder deck! Relax, perhaps lie down in a cozy spot and get comfortable. Let the stars be your guide as we gaze the night away.

We are 25 minutes away from the Joshua Tree National Park and 20 mins away from downtown Yucca Valley. The private desert location is energy-rich with a landscape of boulders and Joshua Trees. Historically, it is said that Serrano and Cahuilla Indians inhabited this land with a handful of petroglyphs remaining visible throughout the boulders. We look forward to sharing with you an unforgettable evening allowing you to authentically connect with source, mother nature, and one another.

Ideal Items to bring:




Warm comfy clothes, Layers/Onesie/Pajamas/Costumes (for after sauna)   


Change of clothes

Sleeping bag/bedroll, pillow

*We have campsites available. DM for reservation. 

**Questions about overnight accomdations, campsites, and post celebration napping options? DM us.

We want to make sure that those in alignment have the opportunity to come celebrate and share with us this magical event. If funds are tight and you are willing to volunteer/donate time, please DM us to inquire about volunteering for the event, or sponsorship.