Natural Face Serum Workshop

about this event

Are you looking for a fun, immersive way to learn more about natural skincare and create your own custom blend with friends? Using our library of organic, natural, and high performance ingredients, you can sample, mix and blend your very own bespoke face serum! Our course fee includes: An introduction to face serums, how to work them into your skincare routine, the type and function of different styles of serums, which format is recommended for your skin type and goals, an overview and sampling of 40+ natural ingredients, and all of the raw materials and supplies needed to create one 30mL face serum in custom matte black packaging. Students can choose from an oil-based, water-based, or micro emulsion (cream) based format. Raw materials will include distilled flower waters, witch hazel, gums, botanical carrier oils, natural preservatives, and high performance actives (exfoliating fruit acids, botanical lightening agents, texture enriching vitamins, etc.) 100mG Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate can be added for an additional $25 fee. Light refreshments (including mimosas for daytime workshops and red wine for evening workshops) will be served.

Skill Level: Beginners welcome. No previous experience required. Comprehensive instruction will be given.

Class Duration: Two and a half hours total. One hour of instruction, one half hour of sampling, and one hour of blending.

Age Level: Thirteen and up are welcome. We have specialty ingredients for troubled adolescent skin!

Location: Our workshops are held at the Bios Apothecary Storefront, Showroom & Studio at 61 West Street, Brooklyn New York.