Music Production Experience: Music Creation w/ Instruments using Pro Tools

about this event

Come learn hands-on Music Production: Music Creation with Instruments using Pro Tools at Surya Sound Temple and learn how to create, produce, mix, master and publish using Pro Tools. This is can be for complete beginners or advanced producers wanting to use the studio. One-on-one learning experience learning on the fundamentals of sound, audio engineering, MIDI, synthesis, composing, producing original content. Learn one-on-one with Siddhartha.

Subjects of Study:

Sound System Basics , Fundamental Sound Concepts, Transduction & Nature of Sound , Hearing & Psychoacoustics, Audio Measurement Concepts, Microphones & Mic Recording Techniques, EQ, Compression & Signal Processing, Live Sound & Music Reinforcement, System Wiring, Speakers & Amplifiers, DAWs, Pro Tools & Audio Interfaces, Acoustic & Digital Instruments, Tracking, Mixing & Mastering, Broadcasting & Live Streaming, Event Production