Money, Manifestation, Magic

about this event

An online masterclass & live group coaching – Wed 9 Feb 2022 – 18.00 GMT / 13.00 EST / 10.00 PST

Are you a purpose-driven business owner or creative professional who wants to:

  • Reach new levels of financial security and prosperity
  • Follow your passions, feel fulfilled and do what you enjoy
  • Have the freedom to do what you want, when and where you want
  • Attract soul-mate clients you love, by doing only what you love 
  • Attract amazing people and opportunities as if by magic  
  • Let go of fear, limiting beliefs and self-doubt
  • Be recognised as an expert in your field
  • Feel at peace within yourself

But right now, you’re:

  • Lacking clarity on what you need to do, or simply just not doing it
  • Finding it hard to find clients or earn the amount of money you’d love
  • Having free calls with people but not converting them into paying clients
  • Not moving forward despite having read the self-help books and been to therapy
  • Feeling like you’re not ‘there’ yet, despite already having had paying clients and great results
  • Afraid that you won’t be able to make enough money to support the lifestyle you’d love
  • Resistant to the idea of pushy sales tactics and having to put yourself ‘out there’
  • Comparing yourself to others or constantly doubting your value

If yes, then this Money, Manifestation, Magic Masterclass is for you.

In this highly-popular masterclass I am not going to be telling you what you need TO DO in order to manifest more success. 

I will be helping you to BECOME THE PERSON YOU NEED TO BE in order to manifest more success. 

Most manifestation books and teachers will give you exercises to do but rarely do they explain how manifestation works, nor do they help you to see what’s blocking your manifestations in the first place, which is why so many people struggle to manifest what they want consistently. 

Which is why, in this masterclass I will:

  • Reveal the secret to successfully manifesting more money
  • Explain the 3 magic keys that help you unlock more of this secret 
  • Coach you using The 5D Method™ which will help to you become the person you need to be so that you can manifest anything your heart desires

Be warned, results have happened fast with The 5D Method, for example:

  • Renato 10x’d his income in 8 weeks
  • Christina became fully booked within 3 weeks after 1 session
  • Kate celebrated her first international sale within 2 weeks after 1 session
  • Daytona became fully booked within 1 month after 1 session and hit six-figures the first time within a few months
  • Lucy created multiple six figures within 9 sessions
  • Chris attracted 4 new clients after 2 sessions
  • Kim attracted 2 new clients after 1 session
  • Debora did the same

You will leave this masterclass:

  • Clear on what you need to focus on in order to be more successful in your life and business
  • With a new level of self-awareness on what’s been blocking your manifestations
  • Having put into practice the simple but powerful tools to unblock the flow of money into your life
  • Equipped with an easy-to-follow method that you can use whenever you want to help you manifest

Since this masterclass includes live coaching, you are sure to leave having experienced a breakthrough.


“EPIC talk, you really gave so much value today”

“A break through for me, so thank you”

“That was an excellent session. I got so much value from it”

“It really has helped me to decide what I need to do! Thank you”

“That was magical, I definitely had some shifts!”

About the host:

Aimee is a self-love and success coach who discovered the secret to success after spending almost 10 years striving and struggling. Since then she has manifested the digital nomad life of her dreams and delights in helping others create theirs. You can find her inspiring self-love notes on Instagram:

Thank you

£8 of every ticket sold will be donated to a charity project supporting impoverished indigeneous women in Mexico to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.