Masculinizing Top Surgery Grief & Pleasure Circle

about this event

This event is open to all that identify with an ethos of gender queering and have already under gone masculinizing chest surgery. 

This is a 3 week hybrid event where we meet together digitally AND you’ll have access to weekly video course content AND home play exercises. Yea, it’s going to be as awesome as you think!

This transformative surgical experience often holds a multiverse of both grief and pleasure in our heart, mind, and body. In this complexity, we’ll practice being with the shakiness and weight of the grief we hold together, and collectively craft supportive grieving rituals. 

We will simultaneously practice turning toward the reliefs and joys found within this experience, and celebrate the possibilities of pleasure with guided chest care and sensual touch that supports your scars and individual needs.

Learn more about gender doula and embodied consent work :