Marriage & Money In A Time Of Crisis

about this event

Virtual Event Presented by Adam Kol, J.D., LL.M & Dawn Santoriello, CFP®

Has this stressful time sent your money worries and tensions into overdrive?

If you’re looking for some relief. We’ve got your back.

Join our online workshop, Marriage and Money in a Time of Crisis.

This workshop is for you if:

– You’re in a long-term relationship;

– You and your partner struggle to have healthy money conversations and/or manage your money well together; and

– The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made this any easier

What you’ll get:

– The tools to start healthy money conversations;

– A crisis budget template so you can manage your money NOW; and,

– An understanding of how to keep your cash, lower your expenses, and bring in additional money (including from the stimulus) during this unprecedented time

Bonus: Post-Workshop Concert! Adam will be performing some of his Personal Finance Parodies, and he’ll even take a request or two.

If you want more peace of mind and a stronger financial situation, then register now!

Dawn will be giving away a 30 minute consultation to attendees.

If price is an issue please reach out to me and I can take care of your fee.


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