Living Medicine: Qi Gong, Meditation & Tea 7-Day Retreat

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Living Medicine: The Five Elements as a Way of Life 

Earth-based wisdom for a lifelong path of growth and transformation.

Qi Gong, Meditation, and Tea Immersive Retreat

April 8 – 14, 2023

Telluride, Colorado 

The Five Elements are an ancient Taoist framework that teaches us how the Earth expresses itself: in the cycles of the seasons; through life, death, and rebirth; and through the medium of humanity – a microcosm of all of Nature, the one breath which gives life to all things. 

The Five Elements offer us profound yet practical entrypoints for rediscovering and realigning with our essential nature.

When we live in alignment with our Natural design:

 • We regain access our original state of ease, effortlessly flowing through life’s seasons and challenges.

 • We tap the infinitely renewable medicine of the Earth’s wisdom, which is always available to us.

 • We gain clarity on the path forward, learning to trust life and allow possibilities to unfold before us.

 • We feel secure, nurtured within a guiding framework for continual growth and evolution.

 • We become transformational guides and role models for all the lives we touch, bringing this ancient medicine to life. 

Living Medicine: The Five Elements as a Way of Life

Enter an infinite well of healing and discovery.

This seven-day immersive retreat is an embodied, experiential discovery of the Five Elements through the many practices that this timeless philosophy gives rise to today: Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Tea as meditation and plant medicine, and seasonal nutrition, to name a few.

Each day centers one of the Five Elements, guiding participants through the creative cycle from Wood to Water. Experience each Element through the lenses of their physical expressions in Nature and the body, psycho-emotional manifestations in human life, spiritual contemplations in meditation, and tea and food as ceremonial plant medicine. This is a deep dive into how each Element is already at work in your life.

Together we explore what it means to be truly vital and healthy in mind, body, and spirit, by returning to the ultimate Source of life: our precious Earth. The breathtaking landscape of Telluride, Colorado, serves as backdrop for exploring the Elements in their native environments, powerfully marrying the outer and inner expressions of this universal wisdom.

“This was one of the best retreats I’ve ever been to. It was very profound, the teachers were all amazing, the setting was gorgeous, and the food was incredibly delicious and nourishing…. The instructors were so present and heart-centered, which I really valued. And it was so great to gather with beautiful, like-minded people. It was a deeply nourishing retreat, where I was able to disconnect from my phone and just be present, and I learned so much that I’ve incorporated into my life. I would say without hestitation, go for it.

– Alex, May 2022 retreatant

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