about this event

Learn how to clear the emotional, mental & spiritual bodies, learn protection techniques, and activate your gifts and your connection to higher Self, Source, Spirit.

In this workshop you will learn to heal yourself and the planet, stepping into your purpose as a divine sovereign being connected to source energy.

The workshop culminates in an initiation into the Living Light, source energy that further activates the higher dimensional chakras and moves you into a higher and fuller expression of your being.

What you will learn:

-Understand LightBody: subtle bodies, soul, self and higher self

-Law of resonance – hermetic principles

-Techniques to clear, balance and harmonize the higher and lower subtle bodies: emotional, mental spiritual and the physical body

-Techniques and symbols to clear, and infuse physical spaces

-Techniques to bring the light into the earth

-Protection techniques, decrees and mantras

-12 based tree of life, higher chakras,

-Initiation and activation to strengthen the connection with your Divine Self

A lot of the techniques and teachings you will learn about have come through various of Gian’s teachers and mentors over time, and in seemingly unrelated bits and pieces, covering a broad spectrum of Yogic principles and initiations, esoteric teachings, new age channelings, tons of personal shadow work and experiences within this psycho-cosmic tapestry of being. It took more than 20 years to bring it all together, and the last 2 years to create a comprehensible digestible workshop. Now is the time to activate and bring more light ( information and love) to this planet.

In this intense time of turmoil there is a great awakening happening that gives us the opportunity to understand reality from a consciousness-based perspective versus the Newtonian matter based approach. This class will shed light on how to tune into other realms of awareness, and how to best navigate our physical and spiritual realities, especially in times like these.

The initiation is quite advanced, and for best results, it is important to have some spiritual or yogic practice. Kundalini Yoga as well as Reiki initiations are a great preparation as they prepare the nervous system to hold more energy.

The initiation will enable a stronger connection with your divine self and will facilitate the balancing of the higher and lower subtle bodies, as well as the physical body. It will bring in higher frequencies to connect with and make available to you as lightworkers.

If you would like to learn more about this workshop before committing please send us an email here

There is only a limited amount of places available, and it’s best to have the whole day and evening set aside for rest and integration. There will also be a follow-up group session 3 weeks later. Date TBD

If you’d like to chat with Gian directly about it you can book her here

Gian Kamalis a New York-based artist, energy practitioner, and spiritual teacher. In the course of her 17 years of experience with energy healing and spiritual studies, she has assisted many people in finding their path. Since the completion of her training as a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2006, Gian Kamal has been studying extensively with many renowned mystery school teachers, Healers, and Guides. Originally motivated to heal her mother, Gian Kamal has been going through her own journey of awakening and traversed many dark nights of the soul. In the process of catalyzing her emotions, she experienced a spontaneous activation into the Living Light Energy in 2014. She spent the last 7 years exploring and studying the energy and is now bringing it to others through weekly transmissions, and regular training workshops and initiations.