about this event

You are invited to join us for an event like no other! We have created an inspiring and activating creativity workshop for you to participate in with others from all over the world in one space. 

Our great intention is that this co-creative experience will evoke creative inspiration in as many souls as possible. The more souls empowered, the closer we will be to living in a creatively fulfilled world allowing for more wholeness, happiness, and radiant health among all living beings.

This event is a 7 part series based around the seven major energy centers/ chakras of the human body and how to work with them for the highest form of creativity … and so much more! We will begin with some movement and meditation before going into the creative process where you will flow, paint, move, sculpt, and create whatever your heart desires! Each workshop will be hosted by a new special guest musician who will be gifting us with a playlist that you can play in the background during the workshop. 

Thank you so much for your openness and consideration in participating in this event. We appreciate all you do and create in this world and want to share and amplify your voice in our community, and the world at large!