about this event

Join Elizabeth and Shauna in Mazunte, Mexico, to enrich your spiritual practice with a sustainable manifestation tool kit. Attune the intuitive heart for effective self-healing, and engage with the multi-dimensional self. Activate soulful stewardship for a life of increased alignment, flow, and beauty. Experience ritual and joy in nature among beloved community.

Level-Up Trance-Formational Retreat understands that hypnosis is the medicine of the imagination and the most efficient gateway for personal transformation. Level-up is a deep-dive immersive container. Our retreat offers daily opportunities to receive, journey within, and harvest energy to stoke your creative fire. TOGETHER WE WILL

  • Restore and recharge mind and body
  • Commune with nature, self, and others
  • Deepen awareness of the present moment
  • Explore gentle and safe hypnotherapy techniques to heal and integrate 
  • Learn and engage in parts therapy for self-awareness and integration 
  • Remove stories, blocks, fear, and beliefs that are ready to be cleared
  • Connect to your highest and best self to love, set boundaries and transform relationships with self and others
  • Experience rituals for personal actualization and collective manifestation 
  • Heal, allow, and activate the inner artist within
  • Permit your creative energy to take a more significant lead in your daily life
  • Learn how to positively program thought patterns that lead to successful behavior 
  • LEVEL-UP by mastering a conscious manifestation practice to support you in all areas of life