Let Food Be Thy Medicine: How to make your meals Medicinal with Cory Tixier

about this event

Let Food Be Thy Medicine is a LIVE online cooking class that begins with an in-depth discussion on the philosophy of the six tastes, the concept of food energetics, and the importance of making the kitchen a sacred space.

We then guide you step-by-step in the preparation of the quintessential dish of Āyurveda (Kitchari). We will also discuss the medicinal properties of traditional Āyurvedic spices and learn to connect with the elements through the 6 tastes.

Join us for this interactive cook-along and discover how to make your meals more medicinal with Āyurveda!

2-Day Workshop,

November 06 & 07, 2021

(watch recordings anytime)

What you’ll get:

• Access to our Live lecture class (2hrs)

• Access to our Live cooking class (90mins)

• Access to the class recordings, handouts and journaling exercises for an entire month.

• Access to our virtual Yoga Studio for an entire month (with new classes added every week)