Jyotish Vidya: Intro to Vedic Astrology

about this event

Join Tulsi for an afternoon of Astrology! You’ll learn what the alignment of the stars at the time of your birth reveals about your true Self and how to develop your intuition.

Come tap into the pulse and language of the stars as unveiled through the basic nature and characteristics of the planets, signs, and houses as they play out in our daily lives. Jyotiṣa, the living science of light, offers a glimpse into a blueprint or snapshot of the stars at your time of birth that can act as a treasure map, ultimately guiding you back to the Self. Come tune into the cosmic rhythm and light of the Self with this Astrology Immersion.

Saturday April 24th 2:00-4:00PM PDT – ZOOM

$21 Pre-sign up – $27 Day of (Space is limited) – Students will receive a 20% discount for a private reading.

For more information on Vedic astrology and booking a private consultation with Tulsi, please visit: https://www.tulsibagnoli.com/jyotish-astrology

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Email: tulsibagnoli@gmail.com with any questions.

Tulsi Bagnoli M.A. is a second generation Vedic Astrologer and meditation teacher who has been practicing yoga and meditation since the age of four and teaching professionally throughout the US and India for over 15 years. She is passionate about showing leaders, creatives, changemakers, and seekers what they’re made of and unlocking ones higher purpose through the sister sciences of Jyotiṣa, Āyurveda and yoga.