Journey into Sisterhood, Connection & Earth Wisdom

about this event

Join us for a 9 month experiential journey into sisterhood, connection & Earth Wisdom.


We Flourish Collective

Once a month we come together to create sacred space, perform rituals, share meals, deepen our connection, & explore our inner realms. We do this by being guided into a variety of Earth-centered crafts and practices by different teachers in our community. Each month we’ll focus on a theme that will guide our contemplation, sharing & activities. We will use our bodies, hearts and hands as vehicles of exploration, playing with new ideas & mediums as a way of connecting more deeply to ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

Examples of activities are: Shamanic journeys, cacao ceremony, working with clay, learning to dye textiles with plants, making honey-mead, breath-work, meditation, yin yoga, dance, writing, ceremonies for connecting to the cyclical wisdom of the Earth, aphrodisiac chocolate making, herbal medicine, plant magic, creating altars, womb wisdom, sound baths, leather pouch crafting, and more!

See the full curriculum here:


We are a safe space for women, LGBTQ community, and gender non-conforming people who long to experience & honor the yin essence in themselves & all of life, to experience sisterhood, to be nourished, and to explore their inner realms, through Earth-centered practices.