Jiaozi Dumplings by Jessica Wang from Pickle

about this event

Join us for class with our friend, artist & fermentation expert Jessica Wang, founder of Picklé, as we combine food-love with mindful living through recreating her signature ~Jiaozi Dumplings. 

Jessica’s love for life fused all her favorite things as a natural-born artist, including food, culture, and art. While working as a part-time gallery assistant after graduating from art school, she decided to take up an apprenticeship with a small restaurant to feed her love for pastry-making. A few years into her career as a pastry chef, she was diagnosed with diabetes, making her pivot her interests and desires in the kitchen. She returned to her love for the bright flavors of Chinese cooking & began to teach small workshops on fermentation & pickling. What started as a hobby quickly became a business concept, and just like that, Picklé was born.

Greg & Jessica’s friendship goes way back to the kitchen of Cortez in Echo Park. They worked together as chefs in one of the best restaurants in LA, considerably ahead of its time. After Cortez closed, Jessica went on to grace the pastry kitchen at State Bird Provision, and after that, moving on to creative, educational concept classes like those at Picklé. Greg admires Jessica’s background as a patissier and her knowledge of traditional Chinese cooking, which she learned from her mom and grandma. He hopes you can learn how to find creativity in the kitchen as Jessica has through her years of adapting to different cuisines. 

*Jiaozi Dumplings has pork, but can be substituted with mushroom.*

**Must purchase by the following date to receive the special blend in time for the class:

– East coast shipping address, purchase by Monday, August 16th

– West coast shipping address, purchase by Wednesday, August 18th**