Introduction to the Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis

about this event

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we access multiple times a day by our intake of social media, music, advertising, and films. 

The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis suggests that we can use the very tool that can work against us to work for us, utilizing hypnosis as the “medicine of the imagination”. It’s a tool to de-condition the effects that media and technology have on our psyche by reclaiming our subconscious as a sovereign territory.

DFSoH, founded in 2018, is a school of thought and a hypnosis certification training program with a decolonized, feminist-driven curriculum, reclaiming the history of hypnosis through the philosophy of the divine feminine.

I teach hypnosis as the ‘medicine of the imagination’: an inherently non-linear way of using your own imagination to facilitate healing on an unconscious level, working in a collaborative and empathic manner — Shauna Cummins, Program creator

In this free online introductory session with Shauna, participants will get to learn more about the program and have questions answered.

DFSOH is now accepting applications for Fall 2021. 

The best decision I’ve ever made was taking this training. Shauna Cummins is one of my favorite teachers ever. Authentic, ethical, generous, and empowering — Beth Ricciardone, Reiki Master, DFSoH Graduate