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Join this live online masterclass on How to Create Your First (or next) Online Course.

Held on Zoom Wed November 17th from 11am-12:30pm PST taught by Creative Director, Brand Strategist, & Content Producer Kristine Lo.

As the Creative & Brand Doula of the Conscious Creative Agency NATURE AND INTENT, we’ve produced dozens of online courses for clients and within our community that has helped and healed hundres of people around the world. We’ve produced courses for Danielle Beinstein, Unique Hammond, START WITH YOGA, Isabelle of A TOUCH OF, & more.

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In this 90-minute masterclass, you will learn the steps, tools, tech, and tips to consciously create your first (or next) online course.

– How to come up with your course concept + outline

– The best course platforms to host your online course

– Pricing your online course & basic course marketing tips

– The steps to create, produce, and launch your course

– Apps, tech, planning, and organization tips

You’ve probably heard a lot about creating ‘passive income’ from courses and ‘how you can make 6-figures with online courses if you buy my online course’ from so many online coaches and marketers. This masterclass will not be full of fluff trying to sell you on more coaching. Note that this is an introductory course that will set you up for success for your online course creation. Because course creation is more like a marathon than a sprint… despite what all the online marketers have told you.

This masterclass is for healers, wellness practitioners, intuitive guides, and conscious creatives who are looking to create their first or next online course. You will learn the CREATIVE PROCESS, technical steps, and connect with a community of conscious beings looking to elevate the collective through online healing and well-being offerings. 

You will receive a worksheet prior to the start of the masterclass.  Note: This masterclass will be recorded and is part of the NATURE AND INTENT Membership.