inLight Online

about this event

A 2-day online immersion bringing lineage based spirituality, connected community, and wholehearted play to empower you to flourish! Start 2022 with clarity, fullness of heart, more conviction, and more joy than ever. 

Join us in a virtual sanctuary and practice with some of the world’s most adept and exciting spiritual teachers in a program created to light you up, all from the comfort of home. Your journey to embody your highest self and walk in your greatest purpose accelerates on January 8+9.


– Clarify your intentions in Opening Circle with ritual elder, Gabriel Halpern

– Cultivate inner-harmony through a Zen Cha Dao Tea Ceremony facilitated by initiate, Baelyn Elspeth

– Ground yourself and free the flow of inner energies through the practice of Wudang Qigong with lineage holder Lindsey Wei.

– Access your genuine joy in a fun and energizing exploration of intentional Laughter, with Pat Sperry

Lunch, Live Music with Grammy Award-winner Dan Wilson

– Decipher and decode two rites-of-passage initiation stories in a study of Archetype, Mythology, and Fairytale presented by Gabriel Halpern.

– Free your voice, clear the creative channel and open the gate to unimpeded self-expression in a transformative practice of Voice Alchemy with Chris Assaad

– Align the layers of yourself in a grounding Iyengar Yoga class led by Pat Sperry.

– Join Sukhdev and Akahdahmah for the culmination of an incredible day as we open up to love’s embrace in an exploration of The Yoga of Relationship.



– Set the compass of your heart to flourish in Opening Circle with ritual elder, Pagan George.

– Flow into a blissful mandala of movement, devotion, philosophy, and prayer in a Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga class with devotional leaders, Govindas and Radha.

– “Tap” into your purpose, heal trauma, and manifest the bounty of love’s promise (fulfilling relationships, material success, and spiritual evolution) through the Emotional Freedom Technique (“Tapping”) with Yogi, Life Coach, + Tapping expert, Jennifer Partridge

– Get up, groove and move your body to the 5 Rhythms: a dynamic dance/movement practice that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

– Lunch, Live Music with Zimbabwean-American singer-songwriter Shungudzo

– Tune in for our first FLO Talk (a Future of Love and Oneness): “Ancient Futures,” with indigenous actress and advocate, Nat Kelley. Learn how through Indigenous and Regenerative Agriculture we can recover our rightful place in the web of life.

– Break out into small groups, explore your strengths, and connect with new friends through the process of Appreciative Inquiry supported by members of Team Flourish

– Amplify your energy through the empowering practice of Breathwork to create newfound clarity and long-lasting healing.

– Connect to the Earth, release negative patterns, and clear your energy field to invite new and vital forces to support you on your journey to flourish in an Energy Healing Meditation with Pagan George.

– Close in Sacred Circle Celebration.


Program is subject to change.