Activate Your Infinite Abundance Light Code with Adora

about this event

Are you ready to fully receive? A life of plenty and great abundance in every aspect of life is your birthright. 

In this program, Adora will guide you through the mystical practices of manifestation with 3-6-9 and how to harness ancient alchemical practices in a modern day world. You will then be able to use this knowing daily to open and receive in more harmonious and abundant ways.

Fee includes a crystal and an aromatic abundance formula crafted by Adora to anchor your sacred intentions.

About Adora: Modern Alchemist & Founder of The Soul Institute

Adora Winquist is a distinguished Modern Alchemist, author, visionary Founder of The Soul Institute, and co-author of “Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love”. Having over two decades of experience as a facilitator, educator, formulator, and entrepreneur, she holds certifications in vibrational medicine and aromatherapy from the renowned Barbara Brennan School for Healing and Rutgers University. She is a true authority in plant and vibrational medicine. Her expertise in essential oil formulation, combined with her deep understanding of esoteric philosophy and energy medicine, has made her a sought-after authority in the field. With a passion for education and transformation, Adora continues to empower individuals on their journey to holistic well-being and self-discovery.