Immerse in Hand Paper Making and Artist Books

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Spend a weekend making. Surrender to the creative process.

VAWAA’s are a chance to immerse in a craft and lose yourself to the creative flow at your own pace. You’ll work one on one with VAWAA master artist, Helen, with exclusive access to her studio.

Learn the art of western and eastern handmade paper traditions from Helen, founder of a renowned center for contemporary printmaking. Make your own books or collection of hand formed sheets of paper that vary from colorful to thin and translucent.

Helen first fell in love with papermaking while visiting paper mills in Ahmedebad, India as a student in the 1970s. In the forty years since, she has travelled extensively in Asia, Africa, and Europe to learn about, collaborate with, and exhibit alongside other papermakers. For Helen, papermaking is both an intellectual journey and a practice of cultural literacy. As the founder of a renowned center for contemporary printmaking, a university educator, and a prolific studio artist, Helen is a cornerstone of the international papermaking community. You don’t need to travel the world to gain Helen’s global experience—she brings the world to her studio!

Available Dates

October 12 – 13
November 2 – 3
November 16 – 17
December 7 – 8

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We at VAWAA (Vacation With An Artist) facilitate 3 – 10 day mini apprenticeships for people of any skill level to immerse in the life of master artists around the world. With this intersection of art and travel, people are able to step away from the busyness of life and return to the best parts of being human: self expression, exploration, and connection.