Honoring the Collective / Full Moon Workshop

about this event

In August, the full moon will be in the house of Aquarius, which embodies the element of air. Aquarius is known for its humanitarian and collective sensibilities. We will honor the collective within our close communities, our greater community, our world, and not just the human collective, but also the animal and plant kingdoms. We will include all living things and the greater collective known as our planet, solar system expanding into the universe. A concept of community is essential, while releasing societal pressures and aligning with what is true – our own being within the greater divine collective of our universe.

We will lean into the resonances of the Third Chakra/Solar Plexus/Manipura, the Fourth Chakra/Heart/Anahata and the Seventh Chakra/Sahasrara and Olivia will use her 432HX Quartz bowls to offer healing and expansion. Aiko’s sequence will incorporate movement therapy to lift your vibration, mood and sensation of “oneness.”

Key Resonances: Collective / Community / Releasing Competition / Sharing Creations / Compassion / Air / Ether / Fire

Key Chakras: Solar Plexus Manipura / Heart Anahata / Crown Sahasrara

Time Zones:

4-6AM LA

7-9AM NY

12-2PM UK

1-3PM FR

9-11PM AU


Awaken a deeper connection to one’s true self; to inspire inner and outer healing.

By expanding and empowering our awareness, we can not only heal ourselves, but also our global community, our Mother Earth and our future.


1. Tune in and align to one’s true self through a holistic healing journey

2. Activate one’s inner compass through bestowing knowledge, stimulating awareness and sharing wisdom

3. Deepen human connection through community and camaraderie with our neighbors near and far

4. Create global kinship through responsibility and action by nurturing those in-need and our Mother Earth – 15% of Every monthly Full Moon Workshop is donated to the aligned foundation


From Olivia ☆Aquarius ☾Aries ↑Scorpio

“Healing ourselves is our first responsibility and then healing the world is our second; the crystal clear knowing that we are all connected and that ‘doing the work together’ is the only way to bring forth more light, more love, more peace to all corners of our physical, mental and spiritual sides, as well as all corners of the world and universe. I believe this is everyone’s divine right and Maison Aiko&Olivia is our space dedicated to the cultivation and fruition of this.”

From Aiko☆Taurus ☾Scorpio ↑Gemini

“Life is an ongoing journey of struggle and triumph. How we view and let these experiences imprint us shape who we are and the outcomes, whether desired or not. Maison A&O is about tapping into oneself – soul, identity, that voice inside, intuition, whatever your reference may be – giving that inner guiding force, which we all possess, voice; a confident and undeniable voice. Maison Aiko&Olivia for the betterment of our community’s well-being by sewing the physical and metaphysical together to heal and grow.”


Aiko has been a yoga practitioner for over 18 years, following a lifetime of classical ballet – a discipline that developed her a near sixth sense for alignment, posture and best strengthening practices.

This innate awareness translates into her yoga teaching and hands-on approach. She has a passion for human movement and is bright in her energy and direction, often incorporating her dance background throughout her classes.

Aiko formally trained at Atmananda and completed a yoga mentorship at YogaVida, as well as various workshops in New York City and Australia. Her training is in ashtanga yoga with vinyasa flow, and this is reflected in the structure of her classes.


Olivia is a compassionate conduit; a holistic health practitioner; carrying over 15 years in the healing arts in addition to her innate gifts from birth. She focuses on energy healing but is grounded in the real-world. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Leader, Quartz Crystal Sound Healer, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Healer and has training in additional alternative/ancient healing modalities.

The pillars of her work are grounded in compassion, unconditional-love, gratitude and humility – Olivia curates’ multiple vibrational therapies to clear-out, harmonize and purify the Chakra system (inner and outer electromagnetic fields).

Her practice is centered around offering her students the tools and guidance to becoming their own healer through the power of integration and life practices – Everything is already inside of us. Olivia focuses on guiding and coaching those to let go of the denser energies and experiences; bringing forth the light within and creating the loving, joyful life that we all are worthy of.