about this event

Access to the 10-hour Online Herbalism Course taught by Roxanne Malcolm, CCH.


In Herbs for IMMUNITY AND NOURISHMENT, we will learn how to support the body’s immune system with common medicinal plants, focusing on four—Elderberry, Thyme, Burdock, and Nettles.

Begins April 4th, NOON-2pm, PDT

In this series we will learn & play via:

  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Plant ID
  • Medicine-Making
  • Tea Ceremony & Meditation
  • Weekly Plant Guides

You will be introduced to the Art & Science of Nutritive Medicinal Plants, as we rewild our inner & outer landscape. In addition to learning the properties and Herbal Energetics of these plants, as well as cultivate intimate relationships with the spirit of the plants, you’ll also learn how to prepare and administer them medicinally. This course has been modified to address the need in light of current global events.

At the end of this series you will:

  • Receive 10 hours of Herbalism Training from a Certified Clinical Herbalist
  • Have made powerful medicine for your Home Apothecary
  • Be empowered to learn how to be your own healer
  • Students will receive the FULL Syllabus, recommended reading list and sources to purchase herbs from after reserving their spot in class
  • Each week Students will prepare and journey with one of our Four main plants & keep a journal of their experiences
  • Students will receive and submit readings and homework journals via Google Drive

You will receive the GOTOWEBINAR link after purchase and the recording links after the class has been taught LIVE.

Make sure to sign up at least 1 hour before the class so you will be sure to get the link to join.