Herbal Energetics of Winter + Make Your Own Fire Cider

about this event

Herbalism teaches us that we must shift with the seasons. Join us for our second class on Energetics – The Energetics of Winter! In ancient forms of herbal medicine, winter has been known as a time for slowing down, and warming up. Many herbalists use Fire Cider to help boost the immune system and provide warmth to the body. Join us for a class on herbs and foods for winter and learn how to make your own immune strengthening elixir.

Make your own Fire Cider using fresh garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish and chili peppers. The remedy is used to help warm up the body, and generally acts a stimulant and antimicrobial used during cold and flu season. Two of Anima Mundi’s in-store herbalists, Sophie and Marisa, will lead us through a discussion on herbs and foods for the winter. Marisa will talk from an Ayurvedic standpoint and Sophie will bring in the Western Herbalism perspective. Learn how to boost your immunity and nourish your body this season, in the form of Fire Cider! Learn how to incorporate herbs into your life this Winter and honor your body with the changing of the seasons.

Ticket Includes:

– Understanding energetics of Winter and how to shift with the seasons

– Understanding how to use and apply warming foods

– Understanding herbs for winter and their benefits 

– Learn about herbs to upgrade the immune system

– Learn how to make Fire Cider with medicinal herbs

Sophie Cozine is a forever student of the healing arts with a deep passion for plant medicine. As a certified Clinical Herbalist, Sophie aims to teach people from all different walks of life the power of plants. She is inspired to learn, preserve, and practice the tradition of herbal medicine descending to us from herbalists past. 

Sophie emphasizes compassion in all her work and focuses on mind, body, and spirit with all her clients. She is an herbalist at Anima Mundi Apothecary in Brooklyn, NY where the focus is on bringing ancient medicine to the modern world.

Marisa Clementi is a dancer, musician, and maker who is interested in mixing the medicine practices of her Latvian and Italian heritage with the brilliance of Ayurveda. She is an AADP certified Holistic Health and Ayurvedic Nutrition Coach who lives for creative practice: gardening and foraging, dancing, singing, cooking, feasting, and mothering.  

Marisa brings her artistry as a performer to her clients through her deep knowledge of functional anatomy and somatic inquiry, as well as her inherited ancestral understanding of food as medicine. She wholly believes in the pleasure and freedom that come from cultivating a relationship with one’s being: where form and function meet imagination as a path to abundant health.