Ganja Yoga LA Virtual Ritual

about this event

This virtual ritual is a powerful experience blending intention setting, breathing, meditation, kundalini warm-ups, dance and medicine songs. Gather virtually with an incredible community and connect deeply to yourself, your body, and your presence.

Feel free to arrive at 5:30pm for a virtual tearoom or 5:45pm to work out the technical stuff and to get to know your fellow virtual community members.

***NEW TIME: Starting April 22nd, the virtual ritual will now be from 6-8:30pm PST.

*** This is a 21+ event (25+ is recommended).

***All levels are welcomed.

***Smoking is optional.


To register, click here:–srTwoxGblGnz72gCBHXarBjx3KQ


+ Comfortable, distraction-free area

+ Cushion to sit on and yoga mat or comfy ground

+ Blanket for deep relaxation

+ Water bottle with lid

+ BYO Cannabis to smoke in form of joint or pipe, your choice.
(If you’re looking for a recommendation, I prefer a hybrid sun-grown flower. )

+ For the dance part, feel free to have another speaker source and I will send the song through the comments.

+ Journal and pen

+ If you desire, feel free to light a candle, create your own personal altar if you don’t have one already. You can have some sage/copal/incense to burn to create a sacred space.


The suggested donation is $33 for the face to face experience and is $22 for the virtual experience.

Venmo @PurpleLotusMassageAndWellenss


For any questions, email Marisa at or visit