FREE Manifest Joy & Abundance Workshop

about this event

Gather with us for an evening where you will have the opportunity to relax in a beautiful intimate space and learn how to consciously manifest an abundant future using a trifecta of meditation + mindfulness + visualization. You also get to connect with others that are there with the same intention: the intention to increase your ability to make leaps and bounds toward creating the life you truly desire.

We will open the workshop with a guided full body relaxation and meditative session.

When the meditation ends, there will be quiet time to journal your experience while it is fresh in your mind. We will end with a question & answer session as we learn from each other’s experience.

This is great, relaxing, creative, and exploratory self-work. Join others who have been attending and had powerful experiences during these meditative sessions. No previous experience with meditation required, only a willingness to relax and have an open mind and heart.

****There will be yoga mats available to use at the studio to lay on and you are welcome to bring your own as well. You are also welcome to bring a blanket, pillow, or anything else to be comfortable that you would like. We will be sitting and/or laying down in savasana the duration of the workshop. (If you are physically uncomfortable on the floor, please let me know when you register and I can have a chair available.) If you have one, an eye mask can be helpful for blocking out the light and diving deep during the meditation. Please bring a pen and notebook or journal with you for writing after the meditation. If you forget, no worries – we have you covered!

*** Everyone is welcome. No need for previous meditation experience. Late comers may not be admitted after 6:45 PM in order to prevent disruption during the session. Donations are welcomed to help cover the cost to rent the space.

Please join us! These evenings are always a transformative experience!