Food As Medicine: Where Soil Health Meets Human Health

about this event

Join the community at Farmer’s Footprint, a non profit that catalyzes awareness of regenerative agricultural practices, for a conversation centered on the intersection of how soil health impacts human wellness and vitality. Come meet others who have personal experience and curiosity as we dive into a rich meeting of minds on how food can be medicine, or toxic, through the lens of its agricultural origins.

This session is for you if you want to dive into a regen-curious community to talk about and share experiences, resources, and generally geek out around:

– the connection between soil health and human health

– how the microbiome of the soil can affect our own gut microbiome

– how soil health contributes to the nutritional density of our food

– who you respect as thought leaders within the food x medicine space

– if this concept is foreign to you and you’d simply like to hear more + learn from others