Food As Medicine Inspired Community Supported Agriculture Webinar

about this event

Join this session to learn more about how an inspiring food-as-medicine focused CSA concept is supporting some seriously amazing farmers in the UK!

In community at Farmer’s Footprint, a non profit that catalyzes awareness of regenerative agricultural practices, we’re diving into a conversation centered on the intersection of how soil health impacts human wellness and vitality, and how that work can support farmers.

Meet Teri Clayton, founder of Biome Box, who realized that one of the biggest missing keys in human health is a diverse and healthy microbiome, which relies on eating healthy food grown in healthy soils.  

After struggling to obtain such foods, Teri decided to set up a business called Biome Box – a CSA style solution to help people access a greater diversity of foods grown in evolving soils and simultaneously aims to create income pathways for farmers to further catalyse movement towards regenerative food growing systems in the UK. 

Biome Box’s produce comes from inspiring growers who employ no dig systems, perennial gardens, forest gardens, wild foraged and many other small scale systems.