Energy Reading & Healing Circle – In Person!

about this event

Join Intuitive Coach Shara Ogin for a live energy reading and healing circle, to elevate your consciousness and help create a new reality!


This will be my first in-person event in a while, and I truly believe there is value in coming together live. Not only do we increase the feel-good hormones such as oxytocin, yet there is also an opportunity to connect deeper with others in the group.

Shara will be providing both group + 1:1 channeled healings so come prepared with a question or topic you would like spiritual guidance and healing around!

Shara also calls these Synchronicity Circles as you may be amazed by some of the similarities you will have with others in the group.

We live in a law-of-attraction universe, and what this means is that as Shara provides healing for one, the information will permeate to the cells of the others to whom the information pertains.

Shara has been offering these circles monthly on Zoom for the past 2 years, yet this will be the first class she needs to limit the numbers to only 10 people (due to the room size).

Hence, please only RSVP if you are certain you can make it. We will put up a notice when this event is sold out.


6:15 – 6:27 MT – Arrive and meet in the lobby of Unity Church

6:30-6:40 – Brief introductions

6:40-6:55 – Shara will perform a channeled meditation and energy clearing for the group.

6:55 – 7:25 – 1:1 energy readings. Shara will spend approximately 5-10 minutes per person so please have your question or issues ready! She’ll get to as many people as we can!

7:25 – 7:30 – Closure

Love Donation suggested of $10-$40, can be paid via Zelle or cash

Zelle –

Please arrive between 6:15-6:27 so we can begin on time, precisely at 6:30 pm.

About Shara:

Shara works as an intuitive coach (life coach + psychic) and has a unique ability to see right to the core of someone’s deepest wounding and help them to remove the pain.

She can see what precisely is blocking someone from manifesting their gifts and desires and provide a tangible path to help you to get there.

For more about Shara please see:

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