Embracing the Transformative Power of Autumn

about this event

As we embrace cooler temperatures of the late fall in the Northern Hemisphere, we can observe the changes in nature taking place around us. The air is crisp, the days are getting shorter, and the harvests of summer bounty are becoming more abundant. The Earth is releasing the last of her gifts for your nourishment and is starting to retreat from her active creation phase to rest and recover her resources during the winter pause. Like the Earth herself, ever so slightly contracting, we begin to let go of the outward expansion of the Yang season, moving towards a more introspective Yin time of the year.

In this free virtual course, join Earth Wisdom teacher, Inga Bylinkina, for an exploration of the autumn season through an ancient Daoist lens. 

In Daoism, Autumn is the season associated with the Metal Element and the Lungs. The Lungs (also known as The Seat of Wisdom) and its partner organ Large Intestine hold the energy of letting go. This transformative season is a time to go within, to shift our focus from the external to internal, release what is no longer serving, observe thoughts and experiences, and let discernment distill into wisdom as we move towards Winter. 

Class Highlights include:  

  • Learning how to navigate this transitional time between seasons for good immunity and resilience
  • Using natural cycles to increase energy and productivity
  • Optimizing our systems with seasonal foods to tap into the flow state
  • Identifying plant medicines, practices and emotions of the season
  • Exploring the relationship between the skin, the lungs and the intestines
  • Breathwork essentials for this time of the year
  • Understanding Leaky Gut and why now is the best time to address it

About Inga Bylinkina

Inga is a long-standing friend of the Kollectiv who has held many inspiring events at the space. She is a life-long practitioner of healing arts, Earth wisdom teacher, mentor, holistic nutritionist, embodiment coach, Daoist tonic herbalist, and Guardian of the Water path, anchored in beautiful Iceland. She is passionate about self-empowered approach to healing and has led many programs, events and courses where she weaves her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, Daoist practices and Ayurveda with the wisdom she embodied through her own healing journey. She is one of the key teachers at the Academy of Healing Nutrition – a year-long Nutrition Coach certification course, and createress of an online program for women Into The Yin that launches on Winter Solstice.