about this event

I am so honoured to hold this event together with the incredible, magical, sensual Samara Concepcion. 

“They gave you straight lines when your true language is a circle” Maya Luna

Join an intimate circle of women for a deeply nourishing and restorative sensual movement experience followed by an open hearted tea ceremony to deepen the feminine Art of receptivity and sensual aliveness.

We will be moving our bodies in waves, circles and spirals to come into closer relationship with our feminine essence and innate sensuality. Fluid, circular and opening movements will be repeated until our minds soften and our bodies reveal their true nature.

The following tea ceremony will enable a deeper integration of our opening and gift us with the fullness of savouring the graceful notes and medicine of tea.

Somatic movement and tea ceremonies are deeply feminine practices which allow us to find abundance in simply being. They allow us to soften into what our bodies already know.

All women are welcome, no previous movement experience is required. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow your hips and belly to move unrestricted. 

We look forward to welcoming you.


Samara Concepción is a dancer, birth doula and women’s health practitioner based in London. She is devoted to elevating women’s experience of womanhood, pregnancy, birth and motherhood through reacquainting them with their deepest source of truth and power, which is their innate body wisdom. Samara combines somatic movement with sensual expansion practices for women to inhabit their bodies with confidence, ease, trust and pleasure.


Lera has been a devoted practitioner of the Leaf for many years. For centuries, Tea in the form of Chadao Practice has been used by Daoist Sages and Buddhist Monks for alchemy and transformation. Lera holds sacred spaces with the Medicine of Tea in Chadao tradition of Global Tea Hut, facilitating journeys from the head to the heart, to the intimacy of life itself. Tea as a sacred plant medicine creates this space for us to drop into the heart and just be. Her work also involves Vortex Energy Healing and Presence practices