Elements of Bliss Women’s Sedona Retreat

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Elements of Bliss Women’s Retreat in Majestic Sedona has been curated with pure love and intention for modern female spiritual seekers who are on a quest to expand their consciousness. This sacred container will empower you to tap into your innermost potential and unlock your innate wisdom. This transformative journey will help you break free from self-doubt and confusion, aligning you with your divine self to come into vibrational alignment with all that you desire.

In the sacred lands of Sedona, AZ, you will connect to the five elements of Mother Nature – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, through ceremony to activate each of them in your DNA to connect to the spirit within and all around. By the end of this transformational journey, you will be mentally and spiritually balanced, inspired to start expressing your awakened self, helping you to create the next chapter of your remarkable life.

Why Sedona? 

Sedona is a spiritual mecca where you can be held by the great cosmic mother. It is a unique and breathtaking landscape surrounded by vortexes. The vortexes are spiritual formations that occurred naturally throughout thousands of years due to the earth’s movements. The vortex sites create a more translucid and accessible connection for people to see beyond the veils as they access other dimensions. Myth has it that anyone who visits Sedona with a deep desire to become self-realized will activate and unlock their inner wisdom and receive guidance from the spirits of the land.

What is a vortex?

A vortex is a natural intersection of electromagnetic earth energy that moves up and down. They are believed to be unique spots where energy enters the earth’s magnetic field but projects it out of the planet Earth. The vortex forces can be felt stronger physically and spiritually, opening channels to tap into cosmic information.

These energy centers are in known sites around Sedona and other parts of the world, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Stonehenge in England.

This retreat is led by cosmic sisters Jess Holzworth & Leticia Bolivar. Plus, other guest master spiritual teachers and healers. The ceremonies will be offered indoors and outdoors in the sacred lands of Sedona. The retreat will be held at Sedonya Conscious Living Center, a world-class event venue located on 1.9 acres of land with access to beautiful grounds in the heart of West Sedona.

What’s Included?

Welcome Dinner, Lunch & Tea

Elements of Bliss Gift Bag & Guidebook

Reiki Healing


Yoga & Meditation

Medicine Wheel Initiation/ Stupa Walk

Water Ceremony in the Cathedral Rock Vortex

Ascension Breathwork Passage

Fire Ceremony

Tribal Sacred Dance

Women’s Circle

Five Pearls of Self-Realization for Women

New Moon Ceremony

Ceremonial Intention Walk

Crystalline Channeling Sound Activation

What’s Not Included?




Breakfast + Dinners

This retreat is an opportunity to awaken your sacred feminine consciousness and step into the garden of your divine potential and so much more!! You will emerge from this retreat with your soul in bloom!

We invite you to gather with us for this unforgettable experience and discover the Elements of Bliss in beautiful Sedona!

We can’t wait to meet you!

With love,

Jess & Letty