Ecstatic Dance May New Moon Immersion

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“When we let go of fears, judgements, self doubt, expectations, conditionings, pressures, worries and stress, and open our mind to being in free movement… stepping into the present moment… immersed in magnificent music and positive, uplifting energy… in playful harmony with life… in the flow on the wings of love… this is how it feels like…”

(Don’t know what Ecstatic Dance really is? Scroll down till the end for an explanation…)

On Saturday May 20th at 7pm we will have our next New Moon Immersion, our monthly rebirthing exploratory experience into full bliss, through conscious authentic movement, Contact Improv, intimate connections, Ecstatic Dance, Aquatic Healingwork and Sound Healing.

Incorporating elements of Yoga, Meditation, Continuum, Authentic Movement, Contact Improv, Hands on Healing, Tantra, Ecstatic Dance and Aquatic Healingwork (Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance) we’ll rise high and dive deep into an exploratory cleansing experience, awakening us into our Soul and aligning us with our True Purpose.

This is an intimate gathering for only Ecstatic Dancers who are committed to go deep & high and it won’t be advertised to the greater dance community.

This is NOT a pool party and as usual, no booze, no shoes, minimal talking except in the social areas.

We have limited space available, although we’re not capping the attendance for the Ecstatic Dance portion, the Immersion with Watsu & Aquatic Rebirthing has a maximum capacity of 18 attendees.

Private retreat location with heated pool, outdoor grass garden, fire pit and chillout area.

Pois, spin toys and fire spinners are welcome.

Dress up code: Bring the Magic (Bathing suit and towel required, bathrobe advised)

Limited occupancy and very limited parking space, carpooling/Uber/Lyft advised.

RSVP Required.————————————–


5:30 pm (Optional) Doors Open, social greet & meet and Ecstatic Dance Miami family potluck preparation.

6:00 pm (Optional) Ecstatic Dance Miami Family Potluck Opening circle.

7:00 pm Ecstatic Dance Opening circle & Deep Embodiment practice.

8-10 pm Ecstatic Dance set by Alejandro

10-12 am (Optional) Midnight Aquatic Rebirthing (Freestyle Watsu, Waterdance and Aquatic Healingwork) in outdoor heated pool. (Read description below).

12-12:30am Crystal Sound Bath————————————–


– JUST Ecstatic Dance: $35.

– Ecstatic Dance Immersion (with Aquatic Rebirthing and Sound Healing): $45

All Ticket Sales END on 5/20th at NOON.

NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR – NO DROPINs ALLOWED. Get your tickets early as our events tend to get sold out.————————————–


Exact location and details will me emailed the day before the event only to the pre-registered participants payment email.

If you have been here before PLEASE DO NOT DISCLOSE the location. All participants must contact us personally & directly before the day of the event.If you’re coming from afar PM us since we might have a private Airbnb room available onsite.

Parking at the venue is very limited. Please consider carpooling or Uber/Lyft.

Let us know if you have any questions.————————————–

Your Host:

Alejandro is the founder and resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance Miami. He has been an Ecstatic dancer and DJ since before Ecstatic Dance became a thing. He is a trained psychotherapist, bodyworker, healer and intimacy & Tantra couch, who experienced first hand the shamanic trance benefits that dance offers as a healing and cleansing practice. He also the founder of Watsu Miami and has over 27 years of experience as a Aquatic Bodyworker (including Watsu and other aquatic techniques). You can read more about him and his work at his website:————————————–

What is Aquatic Rebirthing (an introduction to Aquatic Healingwork & Watsu)?

In this session we’ll explore being floated weightless in warm water with the instructions and supervision of a trained Aquatic Therapist, with the intention of achieving profound levels of relaxation in the person receiving it. We’ll divide our group into couples where the receiver is continuously supported while being back-floated, rhythmically cradled, moved, stretched, and massaged.

This is a deeply nurturing, safe and healing modality which resembles our familiar and intimate experience of being held as an infant, floating weightless, in the total safety of our mother’s womb. The end result of this experience is the feeling of total liberation and Bliss.” You can learn more about Watsu and Aquatic Healingwork at————————————–

Why Ecstatic Dance?

I think it’s important to talk a bit about why we do Ecstatic Dance. On my personal spiritual path, in search for Truth and after seeking deep answers in western psychology, I discovered a few spiritual practices which truly allowed me to regain my own sense of Oneness, where the endless seeking, needing, missing and their associated misery just stops. Those disciplines for me have been Yoga, Tantra, Ecstatic Dance and Aquatic Healingwork (Watsu), which all boil down to Meditation.

How is it different from other regular dances? Our intention with Ecstatic Dance is on focusing our attention inwards instead of outwards, to truly witness our inner world, unvarnished, with it’s particular energies, emotions, sensualities, moving our attention away from our thoughts and desires into our inner energy field, feeling the energy that the music and interactions with others generate and move in our being and using that energy to tantricly raise our it up from our base root into our crown, creating an energetic fire which cleanses our inner being from blockages, restrictions, emotions, needs & desires and trepidations. We do Ecstatic Dance to become an empty bamboo, an energetic vessel of energy where just BLISS & LOVE is all that remains.

Hope you’ll be able to join us ~Alex

You can read more about Ecstatic Dance at


Covid19 Guidelines:

At this stage we feel it’s safe again to gather with the current low number of cases reported here is South Florida and we’ll keep on monitoring the situation.We trust that you’re and will be taking care of yourself and others and in case of any known contact and/or exposure or at the onset of any symptoms you’ll refrain from assisting at this time. You’re welcome to wear a mask if you feel you need to but masks will not be enforced. Let’s continue to keep our families safe ————————————–