Echo Park Event – The Magic of Ancient Tonic Herbalism

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The Magic of Ancient Tonic Herbalism

~ Doors open 6pm for a 6.30pm start ~

Class/Workshop Summary

Dive deep into the philosophy of tonic herbalism with Australia’s SuperFeast founder Mason Taylor and learn how to bridge this ancient practice into modern life. Didgeridoo meditation and medicinal mushroom hot chocolates included!

Tonic herbalism is the art of discovering and identifying the herbs which can be included in our long term diet and then grounding them into our lifestyles and kitchens. Over the months, years and decades you work with them, the herbs accumulate in their effects and assist us to stay in physical and energetic harmony. These herbs help us keep the immune system strong, the nervous system nourished, the adrenals and kidneys and topped up and the liver & Qi flowing. With so many wonderful effects (and heaps more) there’s never been a more appropriate time for tonic herbalism to be present in our lives.

A transformational workshop on the tools and techniques to use tonic herbalism to maximise the emergence of consciousness and personal evolution.

What will attendees gain from this experience? *

In this intimate talk Mason will be sharing:

*Techniques to tune into your long term intention for your body and health, and how to make it happen through tonic herbalism

*How to emerge beyond the short term goal approach to health and herbalism

*Ways to tune into which herbs and blends will be most beneficial in the long term

*All about the organs and how to develop deeper relationships with yours through herbalism

*How to go from “using” herbs to growing a relationship with them

*All about the ancient roots of tonic herbalism and how to bridge it into modern times

*How to weave tonic herbs into your emerging personal and family culture (and how to do it practically!)

Instructor Bio

Mason Taylor

Mason Taylor is a health educator and host of The Mason Taylor Show podcast. He is a passionate tonic herbalist and founder of Australia’s leading tonic herb company, SuperFeast. Mason is dedicated to teaching people of all walks of life how to embrace and benefit from the healing forces of nature as they create a unique and dynamic health philosophy. A long and happy life is the intention. Mason also brings a refreshing and cheeky sense of humour to his talks, podcast, and life, because longevity relies on a good belly laugh.

Samarasa Center

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Echo Park

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