Dig Down to Rise Up: How to Use Shadow Work to Get Clarity On Your Biz Idea

about this event

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

– Carl Jung, my boyfriend

Join Michelle Pellizzon (that’s me), founder of Holisticism, for a free virtual workshop on how to use shadow work to excavate the three aspects of a soul-aligned business idea: a Life Vision, Personal Mission, and Aligned Value Proposition.

Shadow work ain’t new — Jung was hardly the first to wade into this topic, but his work did popularize the general concept. Together, we’re dig into how you can use shadow work to get more clarity on what your purpose might be.

We live in an age beyond duality. I refuse to talk about shadow work as a pathway to just being “light.” If you want to obliterate the shadowy aspects of yourself, as opposed to integrate and honor them, then this workshop is probably not for you. And that’s totally fine! Just a heads up so we don’t waste each other’s time.

However, if you want to do the tough but FUN work of shaking hands with your shadow on the daily in order to get aligned in your soul’s purpose, then COOL. Come hang!

This workshop is ideal for anyone who:

  • wants to start a business, creative project, or platform but doesn’t know where to start crafting their own voice
  • has a general idea of what they’re interested in, but doesn’t know how to merge all those things together
  • wants to run a purposeful, soul-aligned company that is responsive to their needs
  • has an interest in integrating mysticism and spirituality alongside their regular business practices — capitalism but make it witchcraft