Cracking the Imposter Code: Identify and release old programming

about this event

Calling all freelancers, artists, creatives, healers + holistic practitioners! 

Cracking the Imposter Code will split your shadows wide open, revealing the old programs of fear, doubt, lessness of self-worth that are begging to be cleared! The best way to amplify your work in the world is to begin to clear out the static.

This is perfect for you if:

– You struggle with being seen in the world

– You feel like you need just ONE MORE certification or training before you can present yourself to the world

– You feel challenged when it come to expressing your gifts through social media

– You find yourself scrambling for the right words to describe how your work impacts the world

This is NOT for you if:

– You’re not ready to level with yourself

– You don’t like to move out of your comfort zone

– You prefer to stay where you’re at (not ready for a shift yet)


Join us for some disruption, a lot of fun and mind-openingways in shining more of your precious power into the world.