Cooking Class – FOY Food Series

about this event

Food, Education, & Fun!

Learn the art of quick, healthy meals with FOY’s personal chefs and nutrition team!

Need Food for the family?  Have picky eaters at home?  Working and Hungry?  Always on the go?

There are answers to all of these questions, as food is the bridge to our entire lives. It sits between us on first dates, comforts us in loss, brings joy to a celebration, it’s how we show our love, our appreciation, it keeps our traditions, our legacies, and our very bodies alive.

Learning how and what to prepare can save you not only money but also your own sanity. We all need to eat, but there is so much information out there.  How do we make the proper choices for ourselves? Here at FOY, the nutrition team is dedicated to empowering the community through fun, hands-on, and healthy quick-meal experiences. Come with an open mind and an empty belly, and leave with leftovers and recipes!

Theme of the meal: N’Pasta (Play on words lol)

We will be using spaghetti squash to prepare a quick alternative to pasta noodles. A wide variety of toppings and sauces to choose from!

Kids welcome!

Salad and Dessert will also be created!