Conversation to Action in Regenerative Agriculture: Community Workshop

about this event

Craving less talk, more walk to kick off 2022? Interested in regenerative agriculture?

Drop into a connective, emergent workshop on January 6 at 1p PT / 4p ET to tease out how your unique genius can be offered in service to the world through the pathway of regenerative agriculture, helping you move from your why to your how, or in other words: from conversation to action!

In community at Farmer’s Footprint, a non profit that catalyzes awareness of regenerative agricultural practices, we’ll explore your role in creating a positive ripple effect in this movement towards a more balanced agricultural system.

We’ll utilize the powers of small-group listening and community relationships to workshop where you are now, to what your superpowers are, to how you might translate them to create the conditions for a more just, equitable, accessible, and relational agricultural system… all by thinking about just one small step you can take first.