Community Discovery Writing Gathering

about this event

Community Discovery Writing Gatherings are a time to come together and experience the deep nourishment of spontaneous creative expression in community.

💫 Writing together is some kind of magic. 

How does it work? We will all be given the same word or topic and will write into it—ideally by hand—for a set amount of time (think: open-ended, creative prompts). When the timer ends, we’ll enter breakout rooms with one or two other people with the opportunity to read our writing aloud and practice being a creative witness. During this time, we are not writing for quality, we are writing to feel into the process of creative expression for the love of it. You always have the option to pass on reading and there is never pressure to share.

After that, it’s back to the main group again! We begin the process over with a fresh prompt. Next time you enter a breakout room, it will be with a new tiny group and you once again have the choice to read or pass on sharing and hold presence as a creative witness.

If you’d like to stay on after the writing portion, our hour of generating discovery writing is followed by time to connect with each other in the spirit of intentional and joyful community.  

Here are more deets…

🔸 Saturday, April 29th 11am-12:00/12:30pm est on Zoom 

🔸 No experience necessary. This isn’t a space for ‘writers’, this is a space for creative beings (that means you!)

🔸 All participants receive a PDF of creative writing and journal prompts <3

Fellow introverts: This space was crafted with you in mind. No opening introductions, no formal feedback, and no need to share anything that you’ve written (a big exhale).

This is an invitation to show up exactly as you are and extend willingness and trust to the page to catch what may come! It is a practice of lovingkindness for yourself and for others. 

If your curiosity is piqued, there’s more information here.

This is a creative date with yourself to spend some time with your lush inner world, whether you know that space well or it feels like an intimidating wilderness. The short of it: This is a space for you to get centered, inspired, and practice being with yourself and connecting with others in generative new ways.

The most common feedback I receive is that the writing gatherings feel safe and fun. The process of discovery writing within community is simple and profound. And one of my favorite parts of these gatherings: your presence co-creates the collective experience.