Community Ayurveda Cooking Workshop

about this event

Come along to an evening of meditation, Ayurveda, cooking and community!

By using the wisdom of Ayurveda, known as ‘the science of life’, we explore, learn, practice and then come to experientially understand the relationship of food to our mind, body and spirit.

6:pm – Arrive

6:10pm – Doors close for silent group meditation

6:30pm – Cooking workshop begins

8:30pm – We feast!

9:pm – Wrap up

We start the class with a silent 20 minute meditation to get in the ‘right frame of mind’ to cook. Ayurveda says the most important part of preparing a meal is the consciousness state of the cook… happy present cook = happy life-giving food!

After our minds and bodies have settled into a relaxed state, we dive into creating a nourishing meal together while learning about spices, digestion, food combinations, flavour and all the life-giving tips embodied in the wisdom of Ayurevda. We use only the best fresh, organic, seasonal food and there’s a big emphasis on cooking with love and awareness, because you want to enjoy the nourishing of yourself! In each class we cook a different recipe so you can come back and keep exploring ways of creating taste-sensations for everyday of the week.

To wrap up the class, we come together and share in the meal we have made; tasting, appreciating and enjoying the simple things in life – food, community and stories.

You then get a take-home recipe and a 300ml jar of fresh homemade organic ghee by me so you can re-create the meal and see how easy it is to nourish yourself through fresh, wholesome and love-filled cooking.

Our homestlye Ayurvedic menu:

sri lankan dahl 

beetroot curry 

pumpkin curry 

tamarind chutney 

pink pepper and pistachio dukkah 

fresh coconut milk

coconut sambol 

Spaces are limited to 15 people and includes a seasonal organic meal, take-home recipe and community hang out.

I’ll also have homemade organic spice mixes and chunteys you can purchase on the eveing to start your new Ayurvedic kitchen.

If you do not have a meditation practice, i suggest to download the 1giant mind app on your phone (its free) and bring a pair of head phones so you can join us in the meditation.

See you there!

Address will be released sooner to the date. 

Alex 🙂