Cocktails & Collages: A Vision Board Workshop

about this event

What you focus on expands. It’s not woo-woo (well, maybe a little!) but it’s also science!

Visualization and looking at images specifically speaks on a deeper level to our brain then simply language does. Hence the power of a vision board!

Join us as we dive into creating an intentional vision board together created to help you produce real results and get excited about your potential in 2021. You’ll walk away with a curated vision board ready to be displayed where you’ll see it everyday.

Bring a fun cocktail or mocktail, if you’d like to use magazines bring those (we will also be creating digitally!) cozy on up with your laptop and get ready to set a vision for the new year!

Leggings and top knots encouraged 😉

**All proceeds will go towards fighting human trafficking through the Yellow Dressember Team!