CANNEducate Conference: A Cannabis Conference for Event Professionals

about this event

The 1st CANNEducate virtual conference addresses the impact of cannabis on the event industry. Cannabis is one of the most powerful emerging consumer driven markets the event community has witnessed since the prohibition of the 1920’s. Despite its growth, the cannabis industry does not yet focus on collaborative tools for event professionals. Our mission is to unite both entities to help navigate barriers and create innovative experiences for various types of events.

This event is free to event professionals although we gladly accept donations to help with costs associated with production. All donations received will go towards hosting expenses.


Corporate Session11:00 AM – 12:00PM PST

Navigate the regulatory bodies of compliance as we discuss best practices when working with consumption and non-consumption events. We will familiarize you with the tools to strategize and execute your end goal through marketing, partnerships, and funding.

Speakers: Abbey Weintraub-Sklar (Co-Founder of Greenology Events); Rebecca Goldberg (Co-Founder of Greenology Events)

Social Session12:10PM – 1:10PM PST

Discover how social events are channeling cannabis education to build impactful relationships between brands and consumers. Meet the challenges event professionals face in this B2C niche as we dive into working with the critical components of local, state, and federal policies.

Speakers: Dan Braunstein (CEO of GrassFed); Philip Wolf (CEO of Cannabis Wedding Expo & Cultivating Spirits)

Wedding Session1:20PM – 2:25PM PST

Understanding the significance of cannabis during ceremonies, receptions, and the guests experience is the first step in building trust with your clients. Being prepared to walk them through the intricacies of venue and vendor relationships is the next step in helping these couples towards their “I do”. Here you will find resources to assist you with the ins and outs of consumption etiquettes, insurance, and legal pitfalls.

Speakers: Niki McDonald (CEO of Love & Marij); Ivy Summer (CEO of Voulez Events & Author of Poise Over Panic); Madlyne Kelly (Co-Founder of Irie Weddings & Events)

Conference Highlights

  • Understanding how to work with cannabis in the meetings and conference sector
  • Understanding how to use cannabis and brand engagement in social settings
  • Navigating compliance and the guest experience with cannabis weddings
  • Interactive sessions and expos with event industry professionals
  • Opportunities to support the Love & Marij Fundraiser in their mission to provide event professionals with comprehensive cannabis infographics for each event jurisdiction.