CACAO SUPPERS | London – Dining Experience

about this event

Cacao Suppers is a nomadic cacao themed pop-up experience created by chef Sofia of @foodosofia.

Her passion for experimenting with the ecstatic flavours of unroasted cacao and raw chocolate in savoury and sweet dishes. Experience the bliss of cacao through a five course meal. Expect high vibe flavours and a dopamine rush.

Sample menu

POZOLE:: tomato broth, cilantro, peppers, greens & nibs

SIN CARNE:: walnut chorizo, guacamole, pico de gallo, white chocolate crema

SOPE:: black bean mash, spicy cacao butter shreds, salsa

TACO:: butternut squash, mole, green salsa, maca hemp crema

THEOBROMINE:: cacao shot, mushroom truffle, montezuma harem

Date & time

Friday 21st June 7pm

About Sofia

Sofia is a travelling raw and vegan chef who used to live in London where she trained at Nama Foods and with Kate Magic. She has spent the last 2 years and a half travelling across Europe & Central America working for retreats, restaurants and pop ups. Her love for tropical living & culture led her to live and cook in Mexico and Costa Rica experimenting with many medicinal exotic ingredients including raw cacao. Sofia loves working with ceremonial grade cacao in both savoury and sweet dishes because of its incredible medicinal properties, flavours and versatility. She is now mainly based in Costa Rica with short stints in London & Mallorca (Spain).