Building the Next Normal through Mindful Leadership

about this event

Every leader’s world changed in March 2020. The thrill of getting to work from home for a couple of weeks faded, and leading started to feel like putting together a puzzle from Goodwill. You were pretty sure you had all the right pieces, but it seemed like things weren’t coming together the way they once did. 

So you did what the best leaders do. You learned. You adapted. You put one foot in front of the other and invited your team to walk with you. 

As normalcy feels just within our grasp, it’s oh, so, tempting to click your heels and try to go back to the way things were in February 2020. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s just not possible. 

You can try to recreate what was, or you can build the next normal.

So, how will you spend your energy?

Maybe you’re intrigued (even energized?!) by the idea of building the next normal, but you’re not entirely sure you have what takes. Would it surprise you if we said that’s why this full day of training exists? ‍

Building the Next Normal through Mindful Leadership combines the unexpected duo of mindfulness education and change management strategy so that can craft a better future of work, even as you navigate the leadership challenges of the present.You’ll spend the day working through four modules:

Awareness and Acceptance

  • Explore tools for building both internal and external awareness
  • Practice accepting what is so that you can shift into building what will be

Reacting, Responding, and Resilience

  • Learn the neuroscience behind reacting and responding
  • Connect to your own resiliency

Growth Mindset

  • Identify the limiting beliefs that make it hard to lead in times of transition
  • Make behavior adjustments that encourage everyone’s continued growth

Change Agility

  • Use the Kübler-Ross model to chart the path of change
  • Take concrete actions to get yourself and your team ready to face whatever change comes next‍

What to expect

‍Experiential, engaging learning

This isn’t your freshman year of college. No furiously scribbling notes in the back of a lecture hall as a professor drones on. You’ll be learning just as much from yourself and your peers as you will from the facilitator. Be ready for conversation and for activities that will allow you to apply your learnings in real time. By the end of the session, you’ll have a game plan for crafting new norms. 

Well-deserved breaks

If we do our job right, the time will Zoom by—pun fully intended. But we still won’t expect you to stare at your screen all day. You’ll have a 30 minute break for lunch as well as two shorter breaks over the course of the day. 

Materials you can touch

The meeting may be virtual, but you’ll have a packet of worksheets (plus a little bonus surprise) mailed to your address. Sometimes it’s just nice to have something that you can highlight and mark up that’s not on a screen. 

About your facilitator

I’m Taylor Elyse Morrison. Inner Workout is my brainchild, birthed after working in culture and change management at a Fortune 100, being the first full-time employee at a wellness startup, and burning myself out too many times. The more I do my own inner work, the more passionate I am about supporting leaders as they reconnect to themselves. 

Maybe it’s my degree from Vanderbilt in Human and Organizational Development, with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, but I identify as more of a facilitator than a teacher. Turns out I’m pretty good at leading folks towards their own answers. I regularly facilitate for Fortune 500 organizations including Google and Goodyear. With Inner Workout, I get to use those facilitation chops to work towards a world without burnout.