Breath: Ritual, Anatomy & Movement. Online Workshop.

about this event

Developing personal, sacred breath rituals for the everyday, and exploring breath-centric movement.        


We will explore developing your own embodied breathing practices. Learning to ‘come back to the breath’ in the form of personalised daily  rituals.

We will learn about the physiology of the breathing  apparatus, the key lung structures, and how to keep lung tissues healthy  and happy. We will explore the anatomy of the breath with movement,  learning how to keep the breath vital during mindful movement and Yoga  flows.


  • An overview of the anatomy of breathing & lung health
  • A gentle 30min breath-centric Yoga flow with integrated breathwork
  • Breath ritual practice with Bramahri, breath of fire & Kumbhaka Pranayama

You will need a pen & notebook, a Yoga mat or space, a couple of pillows/large cushions and some (optional) mint leaves.