Brave Women Defy Fear! A Drama Therapy Demonstration

about this event

The Brave Women’s Transformation Project is presenting an evening of therapeutic theatre demonstration with a cast of four tenacious women. Each of these ladies embarked on a 6 week adventure with fear through the use of drama and somatic therapies. Through their journey, they encountered their inner critics (a direct descendent of fear) and the many creative ways this rascal can block us from claiming our lives, living beyond social constructs, and being who we truly are.

We would like to invite participants who can act as sacred witnesses to their work and hold them in a space of non-judgment and empowerment as they bravely take the stage.

During this presentation you will have the opportunity to witness a collection of co-created performance pieces that will give you insight into your own adventures with fear and that will perhaps spark your bravery to defy it. 

Feedback from audience members will be invited during and after the presentation. A talkback will take place upon the closing of the performance in which witnesses can share their own felt experience of receiving the presentation, as well as giving room for Q & A. 

Donations are welcomed to help support the mission of The Brave Women’s Transformation Project.