Blue Lotus Cacao Circle

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We have been using plants as our best source of medicine and spiritual advancement since the ancient times. The information and abilities that lie within the plant consciousness allows for us to reactivate that within ourselves, accessing knowings and wisdom that is always available within the body. As the Age of Aquarius fully settles in for 2020 – join us for an evening of working with two plant medicines to help activate the heart space and third eye. In this heightened state, we will explore the understandings and shifting times of awakening, vibration, and creation.

Blue Lotus, known as the seed of intuition is a loving sweet plant that resides from Egypt. This plant is known to be one of the most sacred plants used during the times and helps us to fully arrive into ourselves, enhance intuition, enhance creativity, and further develop our spiritual advancements. Cacao, known as the sacred medicine of the heart or the Food of the Gods is a delicious plant coming from many indigenous cultures. On this evening, Reiki Master, Ceremonialist & Spiritual Advancement Guide, Kelly Keefe, will lead us on a journey of working with these powerful plants together for an evening of full heart and mind expansion.

What You Can Expect:

  • Teachings of energetic updates in the times of ascension
  • Teaching on the power of plants
  • Mayan wisdom
  • Honoring of the elements
  • A journey to the upper realms to further explore our highest truths
  • Reiki
  • Community Building

Exchange: $40

About Kelly Keefe:

Kelly Keefe is an Reiki Master Teacher, Transformation Guide, Ceremonialist, Vibrational Artist, Podcast host of Into the Heartspace and international spiritual teacher. She has committed her life to living from her heart’s intelligence which has led to studying with spiritual leaders and indigenous elders around the world. In her latest book, Rise Above Fear, she supports in helping understand the power of choosing love over fear and how to elevate ourselves into alignment with our best selves. Her studies in cacao come from learning with the Mayans in Guatemala and has been dedicated to the Reiki journey for 7 years working with three teachers within the US and India. When she isn’t teaching, holding space, or working on one of her creative projects – you will most likely catch her dancing, laughing, or breathing in the beauty of nature.

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